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Łukasiewicz Research Network - COBRO - Packaging Research Institute

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May 2018 COBRO - State Security Innovation Leader 2018 ...more
March 2018 The latest monography of prof. Dr Bohdan Czerniawski provides a detailed analysis of the plastic packaging market in Poland in 2013 - 2016. The monography issued by COBRO contains a detailed analysis of the actual market situation in the use of packaging ecology elements as a tool for building a competitive advantage. more

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COBRO - The Packaging Research Institute is a state research institute, supervised by the minister competent for the economy. The main activity is conducting scientific research and development works in the field of packaging, adapting the results of these works to the needs of the practice and their implementation in industrial entities and other organizations.

COBRO is  equipped  with modern research laboratories as well as devices for the production of a series of experimental packaging materials and packaging. COBRO specialists have many years of professional experience guaranteeing the highest level of research and other services.

COBRO's aim is to meet research and development, innovation, education and information needs, entities acting for the design, production, distribution, use of packaging materials and packaging, as well as institutions, business organizations, state and local administration authorities, interested in these issues.